Welcome all you horny men everywhere. I hope you will find this blog to your liking. I have designed this blog strictly to cater to gay men. This blog is a work in progress so please bare with me as I build it. These are all photos that I've found on the free internet however if you feel I've violated any copywrite in posting them, please email me at joeymuscle0345@gmail.com and I will do my best to remove them in a timely fashion. I will not tolerate any child pornography, hateful or derogatory speech towards another individual. Now sit back, grab your favorite lube and - a towel for clean up afterwards and start stroking the" big muscle" hanging between your thighs. Oh, please click on the photo for a larger size.

Apr 5, 2012

Until we MEAT again!

Dear Friends of JMM,

I will be away from my computer and JMM for an indetermanent amount of time yet so please enjoy the posts that are here and I will return to posting fresh man meat as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patronage of JMM.